“As a lifelong resident of Taos, UNM Taos graduate (Bachelors: Foresnics/Psychology/Counseling) mother of four, a community advocate for over a decade now, and well known in the community, I see, hear and understand the many advantages and disadvantages for Taos.

Things I care about:

  1. Empowering and engaging our youth. So we can retain our next generation.
  2. Community unity: Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself  cannot stand.” Therefore, let’s put the UNITY back in COMMUNITY.
  3. Diversifying Taos’ industries and bring in ones that fit and enhance the uniqueness of Taos. (I.E. people, location, the history, the diversity, the arts, etc.)
  4. Rebuilding better bonds between council members and community because “United we stand, divided we fall.”
  5. Addressing liveable wages and affordable housing so the people of Taos can afford to remain… The people of Taos.
  6. Preserving our agricultural heritage with creative and sustainable ways to use the land, while undertanding the importance of water usage.
  7. Making Taos’ needs a first and foremost priority.


I started my advocacy journey at 19 when I stood before Govenor Richardson at the Enchanted Circle in Santa Fe, NM. I spoke on behalf of Taos County Youthbuild and why the organization was an asset to our community. I moved forward by participating in two youth forums that planted a seed. Even then, the youth of Taos desired something with more fruitality outside of school and extra curricular activities. This is where my research on Warehouse 21 came to life. During those forums, I was fortunate to connect with organizations like Cultural Energy Independant Radio, Davinci Project, and Kids Unleashed. My advocacy journey skyrocketed with the radio. I was connected with more and more organizations, town council candidates, and council members. Ultimately, encouraging me to become aware of Taos’ needs.

Through that time, I had four children, acquired two college degrees, wrote a novel, currently maintain a blog, and STILL continue to care.

Whether it’s speaking in front of a PEC commity on behalf of my childrens school,

I’m there!

If it’s simply hearing your concerns while I’m out in town, I speak up for those concerns because:

I am a voice!

Vote: Melanie D. Baca