Why Do I Want To Be On Council?

Multitude of reasons:
We can’t keep focusing on tourism as our main source of means for Taos and there are other fruitful ways to sustain Taos that haven’t been explored. I’M WILLING TO EXPLORE! We need council members who can work together to make these things happen. Key WORK TOGETHER. When I was a teen, I watched how drugs took many of my peers, friends, family members , loved ones, etc. In a variety of ways. Whether drug related or “medicines” Taos was impacted. It was a painful experience, and the impact was severe on our community.
The core problen: we didn’t have any choices or opportunities outside of schools and extra curriculars…so… WE youth at that time were bored. Boredom leads to drug use. We have this whole new generation of kids now sprouting, and Taos STILL has that lack of empowernent for our youth. I refuse to watch history repeat itself…Because… if it does, that drug and crime issue we have WILL multiply. There are solutions to this concern. One’s not ever explored….
I’ve been on the advocacy path since I was 19. Not only hearing but understanding the needs of TAOS. 14 years later, Im mentally ready to fight for those needs.
“A true leader leads from the back, until they are strong enough to rise.”
Through that time period, I had four children, aquired two college degrees, wrote a novel, currently maintain a blog, BUT STILL care.
On a daily basis, im managing budgets, personalities, time, and much more! Which gives me a solid foundation in handling a multitude of personalities, budgets, and managing.
At 24 years old, I was faced with one of the hardest decisions of my life, taking my mother off life support. Four years later, I was faced with the second hardest decision of my life, taking dad off life support. life sternly taught me how to make hard choices and decisions in order to do what needs to be done. That inner strength, the wisdom from my journey, the patience from having children, that kindness and resourcefulness of my mother and the logic of my father lives on through me
Most importantly:
my journey has shaped me to understand the true value of leadership.
First step: Understanding how important it is to bring our community together rather than against each other. Everything falls into place when a community is unified.
I want to be on the council so that WE as a COMMUNITY can focus on healing, rebuilding, and sustaining Taos.

Some Solutions To Taos’ Crime, drug, economic, and homelessness concerns.


One way to build a strong economy is by bringing in jobs; from one or more industries outside of hospitality.

A perfect example but not limited to is:

Growing and harvesting natural, organic and wild-crafted herbs, essential oils, and minerals. This is currently an in-demand industry with the potential to thrive.  It’s used in all natural soaps, skincare products, cosmetics and many other natural and organic products.

We could partner up with UNM-Taos, and other Taos schools to provide training with incentives like college/High School Credit, or a certificate.

There are established organizations, and grant money that can assist us through the process.

Because it’s Semi-Skilled/Skilled people can be paid higher wages.

When you bring in jobs and work on affordable housing, you’re also working on homelessness. Some parts of the homelessness problem are due to addiction issues. We should be providing better treatment programs,

We as a community, focus on rehabilitation so much that we’re losing sight of the main idea.  Don’t get me wrong, rehabilitation centers, and mental health professionals are greatly needed. However, I believe we are looking at it backwards: while, these facilities are great, and serve a valuable purpose, EVERY mental/behavioral health even rehabilitation center all have one thing in common. They all serve people who have already been exposed to drugs and alcohol, and/or already addicted, have experienced trauma and in need of care, or struggling with many disadvantages (financially, socially, or culturally). However, we cannot create a solution if we are not first working on PREVENTION. It’s never going to matter how many systems we have set in place for them AFTER the matter, and therein lays the crux.

We should be focusing on the now. We have another generation of kids growing up in Taos with nothing to do. If Taos continues to be the “nothing to do town” for kids, the problem WILL multiply…AND… it is much cheaper to prevent an issue than it is to clean it up. My youth night club proposition is a way to empower and engage our youth while also generating local revenue.

There is grant money there!!

Back to the breaking and entering: Should we be looking into upgrading our police department? How does COMMUNITY and businesses feel about neighborhood watch organizations? Hire security? Cameras? Alarm systems? Remember: Your input matters. WE as a community could offer our support.

As A Council member I will work with the police department to help guide neighborhood watch programs.